Artist Renderings

The creation of Floor Plans & Renderings allow clients to visualize the potential of a project before any work begins. At PEMET we work side by side with our clients to map out the details of each design including the finishes, woodwork, and paint selections to allow a client’s vision to come to life.

Feel free to contact for a consultation to map out your next project.

Facade1 - Girard 5-8-15

Girard Ave. Renderings


3630 Avenida Del Sol_facade1 (5-29-14)

Avenida Del Sol Renderings


Vineland Ave. Renderings

Rendering 2_Colfax_052115

Colfax Ave. Renderings


Vineland Ave. Renderings

Rendering - Exterior (final)_Kyle_052115

Kyle St. Renderings

Victory 1

Victory 1 Blvd. Renderings


Fairlane Circle Renderings


Via Del Monte Renderings

8265 Skyline_facade2

Skyline Dr. Floor Plans & Renderings

3526 Kelton Ave_facade3

Kelton Ave. Floor Plans & Renderings

unnamed (2)

Gramercy Ct. Renderings


Wellington Rd. Floor Plans & Renderings

Fountain_facade - 3-2-14

Fountain Ave. Floor Plans & Renderings


Sequoia St. Floor Plans & Renderings

Kitchen 4 - McKenzie 4-16-14

McKenzie Ave. Floor Plans & Renderings

454 Ave 28_facade

Ave. 28 Floor Plans & Renderings

3630 Avenida Del Sol_facade2 (5-29-14)

Del Sol Renderings

1163 25th St facade

25th St. Floor Plans & Renderings

8727 Glider (Kitchen)1

Glider Ave. Floor Plans & Renderings

Appleton_kitchen1 - 3-2-14

Appleton Floor Plans & Renderings

Facade - Rowan 4-20-14

Rowan Ave. Renderings